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In what would appear to have been an accidental meeting of four musicians with diverse musical talents and backgrounds, instead was the birth of sevenstar in 2001. Soon after forming the group entered a makeshift bedroom-studio to record what would become their first songs as a band. They found the combined chemistry and creativity made something like they had
never done before. The resulting EP opened doors for sevenstar and they began playing all the tiny bars and dives, hoping someday to shine in the finest st. louis venues.

now, almost four years later, the quartet (still consisting of the original four members) can rock and entertain any crowd with ease. seven star consists of grant essig (lead vocals, guitar), dustin keller (guitar), jaclyn mayer (bass) and jeremiah miller (drums). no longer confined to the original bars and dives, seven star has now become a well-known regional act. having worked to the top in st. louis, the band has performed in such local venues as the UMB bank pavillion, the pageant and mississippi nights. along the way they have had the priviledge of sharing the stage with such major label artists as gavin degraw, chicago, sister hazel, sixpence none the richer, luce, mike doughty (of soul coughing), lucky boys confusion, sponge, brian vander ark (of the verve pipe) and bleu. "great tunes, great vocals, great energy. one of the best bands i've seen in a long time," says brian vander ark (of the verve pipe).

march of 2003 brought the release of seven star's second EP (superstar wraparound) to much praise from peers and professionals. the tracks were full of energy and life, capturing the feeling of the band's energetic live show while displaying the growth of the band since the early "bedroom" recordings. the self-released EP opened the door for the band to embark upon regional touring that would include universities, festivals and high-profile venues such as the metro, chicago IL, and the blue note, columbia MO.

"superstar wraparound" allowed seven star the expereience of intense touring, constant interaction, praise and discipline that inevitably forced the band back into the studio less than one year since it's release to record new material. "everything isn't everything," released october 2004, is seven star's first full-length album. the disc consists of eleven tracks most representative of the band's live show and talent. "seven star brings exceptional energy and life to their live shows, keeping the crowd dancing the entire time. their songwriting has become impressive enough to place them among the most elite rock bands in st. louis," tim weber, talent buyer/management, mississippi nights, st. louis MO.

with one of the best local websites around, seven star keeps the entertainment going, even off stage -- the constantly updated offers various mp3 downloads, live show pictures, music videos, funny videos, behind the scenes, and of course... the cartoons. seven star has done something unique on the web, by creating an animated online series, starring themselves (as themselves, as well as assorted others) -- they create all the voices, then draw and animate each episode themselves, which always keeps fans coming back to see what's new.

what 2005 holds for seven star is yet to be determined, however, the signs of previous momentum and most currently, member endorsements from elixir brand strings and ampeg simply prove that seven star has the drive and determination to launch themselves into the national arena.

"maybe you’ve come across seven star unexpectedly, like i did. if so, chances are you were amazed that a band this young, this new, this -- well, unsigned, unhuge, and altogether deserving to be both -- could be this good." -- laura hamlett, playback magazine

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101.1 WVRV
the river: st. louis MO
105.7 KPNT
the point: st. louis MO
89.1 KCLC
the wood: st. louis MO
89.7 KMNR
rolla MO
106.7 KZLX
X106: maryville MO
107.1 KBHI
cape girardeau MO
96.7 WBWB
B97: bloomington IN
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