Seven Star: taken from john kujawski's "three to see" playback stl column

Seven Star is a band I have seen perform on quite a few occasions over the past few years. Within the last year, this four-piece pop band has managed to turn their live show into a set that shouldn’t be missed by anyone who appreciates good local talent. Singer/guitarist Grant Essig has a natural stage presence and strong vocal ability and has no problem bringing catchy songs like “Push” and “Break on Out” to life. The band’s guitar sound is noticeably good as well, and there’s no shortage of great melodies and striking lead guitar parts in the mix. Even the slower, acoustic songs still manage to keep audience members on their feet, glued to the stage; in some cases, especially when the band treats audiences to various cover tunes, people will jump on stage and sing along with the band. Some of the passionate audience members may very well be driven by the stage antics of bassist Jaclyn Mayer, who has a tremendous amount of energy and never stops moving to take a breather. At a Seven Star show, the sky is the limit and it’s just a matter of time before they fill every venue they play to maximum capacity.