Seven Star: Superstar Wraparound (self-released)

Though their demo disc was recorded in lead singer Grant Essig’s bedroom, the lack of production did not detract from the essential truth—the band has talent and a sound all its own. Superstar Wraparound, a six-song EP, moves the band ahead in quality of production and musical direction without diluting the band’s charisma one bit.

The pop songs Seven Star make do not stray far from themes we are more than used to: love, love lost, chicks, etc. They are solid, and Essig delivers them in the breathy voice of someone relating a story from the next barstool—calm, but always on the verge of excitement. The other members of the very cohesive band include Jaclyn Mayer (bass), Jeremiah Miller (drums), and Dustin Keller (acoustic guitar). Keller’s playing, espeically on the standout track “Blue,” is essential to the band’s fluid and promising sound.

Superstar Wraparound (produced solidly by Jason McEntire and Essig) is a great move forward for the band. But to fully appreciate Seven Star, you still have to see them live. Their performances are much looser and more fun. The band members enjoy themselves and you will, too. When this project expands to a full-length, I hope more of that fun makes it in to the “professional” mix.