everything isn't everything: album design

this was almost the back cover of the album... almost.

this was an earlier back cover... you might notice a few different song names in the tracklisting.

this was actually the first cover idea, which we eventually came back to in the end.

the "post-it note" idea showed up on several different cover ideas.

obviously, the sunset w/ the messy watercolor overlaid was very popular all along.

this postcard-lookin' idea was cool, but not cool enough.

this is the same idea as the last one, with a different title and no frilly border.

this one was just for fun... but the silhouetted horizon was so cool.

ah... yes, the sunset again. this idea was kind of cool because i liked how simple it was.

this idea was fun to make, but it was definitely too goofy.

this idea was cool (it's where the idea for the messy script text came from), but the sunset was prettier.

this idea was short-lived, as we decided our faces on the cover might be dumb.

this is the original inside panel idea, but somehow, it felt too messy.

this card is some of the handwritten text used in the final layout.

this collage wasn't used in the final idea, but it's still cool, isn't it?

more stuff. i think you can see this pretty clearly on the album.

this is the original image that the final back cover came from.

this is the back cover, step 2.

and finally, the finished image... all it's missing is the text, which was added later.