seven star in the studio from november 2003 through april 2004, working on the new album, "everything isn't everything"

jerm, staring.

jon, tuning a guitar.

jerm, crawling on the floor?

jason, setting up mics.

the band.

jon, staring at the board.

jon, tuning again.

some equipment.

the board.

the tracking room.

jerm, dancing.

jon and jerm, playing a game?

jerm... and yes, that IS mr. potato head.

guitars and stuff.

the drum kit.

setting up the drums.

stuff going on in the tracking room.

eric and dustin.

jon, messing with sounds.

jaclyn, recording a bassline.

jerm, with a guitar.

jerm and the "crappy" drum kit, as heard on "wavering."

the vocal corner.

grant, singing.

grant, singing more.

jason and jon, playing with the computer.


mr. hand.

dustin and jerm, getting friendly.

grant, trying to stay awake.